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GCS is currently looking for qualified resources for our projectsThe bonus for internal referral will be applied as the new Decision: DC-HMR-031 - Decision on Bonus for Internal Referral ((E/V))  on the staffs who successfully recommend candidate. Please find below the basic requirements for our current openings:

Ø      15 Experienced Software Engineer:(HOT!)

·         Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.

·         2 plus years of working experience in software development field

·         Good knowledge in object oriented analysis and design (OOAD), design patterns, UML, database design and software development process (Agile/SCRUM).

·         Skilled in Java, Servlets, Spring, JSP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, XSD, REST API, ORM...

·         Verbal and written communication in English skills (TOEIC +405 or equivalent)

·         Knowledge of Hadoop, Python, R language, NoSQL is a plus

·         Knowledge of Software Defined Networking (SND), OpenFlow, OpenStack is a plus

Ø      20Experienced Embedded Software Engineer (EMD Div & DNB):(URGENT!)

·         Competent in C/C++

·         2+ year experience in working on Embedded Device Driver/Firmware/Realtime OS/MCU domains.

·         High motivation, fast learning capability, good attitude toward software development on embedded platforms.

·         Good knowledge of embedded OS, Embedded Driver/Firmware, Microcontroller architecture (ARM Cortex M/R/A, FreeScale, MIPS, SH, RX, …)

Ø      15Java/.NET/C++ Developers(TS,ICT & FA Div): (URGENT!)

·         At least 2 years-experience in programming with JAVA/.NET/C++/Ruby

·         Self-motivated and eager to learn

·         Good responsibility and team work

·         Fluent English or Japanese communication is an advantage

Ø      3HTML5/JS Developer:

·         1+ years experience in HTML5/JS

·         Experience with mobile development is a plus

Ø      5Mobile Software Engineer:

·         At least 1 year experience.

·         Competent in C/C++ or Java programming

·         Experience in mobile platforms (Android, iOS, J2ME, Symbian, WinCE)

·         Have strong knowledge on OOP and UML

·         High motivation, fast learning capability, good attitude toward software development on mobile platforms

·         Fluent English communication is an advantage

Ø      5 Bridge Software Engineer (JPS):

·         BS in Information Technology

·         Japanese skill equivalent level 2.

·         Good at English

·         Good programming skill with .NET; experience with C/C++ is a plus

·         Good at requirement analysis


Gửi CV bằng tiếng anh gửi vào email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Công ty hiện nay có 5 bạn là cựu sinh viên Khoa CNTT đang làm việc)


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